lundi 8 novembre 2010

Vole kap baye pwoblem en Haiti

Sa ki fet nou jwen anpil vole en Haiti se apwe tranbleman de te a gen anpil jen gason ki lage nan pwison yo pa jwen anyen pou yo fe yo oblige ale vole. Sa pose yon gwav pwoblem pou popilasyon yap tire moun pran sa yo genyen nou vin pa an sekirite ni la jounen ni nan nwit.

Ajan Kafoufey

Theft is a serious problem in Haiti
One of the reasons we are experiencing high rates of theft is that after the earthquake many young men have escaped from the prisons and now have no work and no income. They turn to theft to sustain themselves and this poses a serious problem for the population. They hold us up at gunpoint, take what we have and we have no security during the day or night.

Agent from Carrefour Feuille

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  1. And this is a universal problem of which you speak. There are too many young men who have no place to turn to make their way in the world, so they take what they can, where they can and all suffer. C'est dommage pour tout le monde.
    merci pour ce témoinage.