mercredi 10 novembre 2010

Kadejak timoun

Nou vle rakonte yon istwa ki pase dimanch ki te 7 novanm. Pandan mwen soti mal we yon zanmim ki malad. Mwen ki te yon ti pitit mwen ak yon vwazin ki tou pre ave m' mezanmi menm ti pitit vwazin lan fe kadejak sou pitit mwen an. Le m' vini atò mwen jwenn li ap kriye lè mande l' map swiv li m' jwenn kilòt li plen san. Laj ti moun mwen li gen 5 an.

Ajan Martisan

A Child Raped
We want to tell you something that happened on Sunday, November 7. I went out to go see a friend who was ill. I left one of my children with a neighbor who lives nearby and my neighbor’s son raped her. When I came back, I found her crying. As I looked at her and asked her what happened, I saw her underwear was covered in blood. My daughter is just five years old.

Agent from Martissant

6 commentaires:

  1. Cette histoire m'a vraiment frappé. Les cas de viole sont terrible pour n'importe qui, mais les petites de seulement 5 ans doivent jamais connaitre le violence. Je suis si désolée pour votre petite. C'est criticale pour nous de changer cette situation.

  2. Thank you for sharing this incredibly painful story. I was saddened and angered to read this, and it reinforces the importance of getting the truth out so the world can see the terrible injustices that are occurring in your country. Please keep your voices loud and strong. I hope for peace and safety for you all.

  3. The world hears your stories, we are listening. Good God this is unreal. Sending you our thoughts and strengths.

  4. You aré brave people !! And God loves you, i will Prat for your little one

  5. Oh mon Dieu, cela m'a choque de lire cette histoire. Vraiment triste et terrible pour n'importe qui mais specialement pour un enfant de 5 ans. Je vous tiendrai dans mes prieres et fera passer le message pour que la communite Haitienne aux Etats-Unis puisse entendre vos voix et apporter le soutien necessaire pour combattre cette lutte atroce et repugnante.

  6. Thank you for having the courage to share this story with us. This is the most horrible thing to happen to a child. She must know she is the most beautiful girl in the eyes of God and nothing can take that from her. We all hear your voice and support you. Keep on writing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.