mardi 16 novembre 2010

Kote moun ap dòmi

Kote n'ap gade la se kote moun ap dòmi. kote sa se kote yo fè depo chabon pou vann, se la moun yo oblije dòmi ki menm pa bon pou sante yo ki se pousyè chabon an fè li fè yo malad nan sèvo yo. depi tranbleman de tè a fin pase se konsa sityasyon moun sa yo ye jouk jounen jodia.

Where people are sleeping
This is one of the places people have been sleeping. It's a spot where charcoal is collected and sold but there is now a camp around it. People sleep here even though the charcoal dust makes them sick in the sinuses and is terrible for their health. This has been the situation every since earthquake.

6 commentaires:

  1. This blog is a vital voice of the true reality on the ground in Haiti. Thank you for sharing your stories, pictures, explanations. I plan to forward your site to my contacts to make sure they know that the struggle has only begun and that the disaster is far from over. You are all very brave.

  2. Sad, but incredibly moving commentary and imagery. Know the international community is listening and supports you.

  3. Thank you for sharing the real situation on the ground and please continue your work, it is of profound significance

  4. Hi! I just found out about your blog from Emily and Abby.

    Thank you for sharing your perspectives through your writing, photos, and drawings. As others have already mentioned, please know that we are interested and listening. We hear you are planning an event for November 25. I am looking forward to hearing more!


  5. Like Dianne, I had the pleasure of meeting Emily & Abby today and heard about your blog from them.

    Thank you for sharing your perspectives and providing stories from the ground. I'm so glad that your voices are accessible to those of us who are abroad and hope that we too can be a part of promoting justice & equality en Ayiti.

    En solidarité,

  6. Mesi pou konte nou sak pase. Mwen kontan biwo avoka entenasyonal yo (BAI) ap travay ak gwoup de baz yo pou sispann eviksyon yo ak ranfose dwa a lojman.