lundi 8 novembre 2010


Se te samedi 6 novembre nan kant mozole kandida president preval te vini bay kob gen ki anpil vyolans. Moun kap fe kapay pou kandida di si nou pa ale vote yap mete dife nan kant yap tire nou. Yo bay 100 dollars kob pou yo ka ale vote. Gen moun ki gen zam nan zon pa gen sekirite eleksyon pa ka fet.


Electoral violence
On Saturday November 6th, the presidential candidate for Preval’s party came to Mosolee camp to distribute money and there was a lot of violence. The people campaigning for him threatened us by saying that if we didn’t go and vote for him that they would set our camp on fire and shoot us. They gave 100 Haitian dollars to each person who said they would go vote. There are people with guns in our neighborhood and we have no security. We can’t hold elections.

Agent from Mosolee

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  1. Do you feel safe voting, and do you plan to vote? Or will the violence prevent you from going to the polls?